Helsingborg, Sweden

Thomas Fürth

Speaker the 8 October 2015: Thomas Fürth, Cairos Future

Future research and analyst company Kairos Future has since the 1990s made studies of the population born late 1940s and early 1950s (born 1945-1954) as they call the “record generation”. In a study called “When you get old in real life” they examined how it will be for this generation as it grows older.

– It is a generation that differs in many ways from previous generations at the same time as they approach retirement age. That is why it is interesting to know how they look on the aging process and how their aging will be according to the challenges that exist. Around 2030 this generation will be at an age when the aging process will be more noticeable”, says Thomas Fürth, Research Director at Kairos Future.

Name: Thomas Fürth
Age: 66 years
Job location: Kairos Future
Title: Research Director
Role in study: the initiator and project manager
Why futures studies: By future studies, we can prepare ourselves so that we will be more informed and able to take steps to avoid being completely surprised.
Kairos Future: An international research and analysis company that helps us to understand and shape the future.
How do you look into our future? On the basis of research, literature and surveys, we highlight important trends and create different scenarios of how the future might look like.


Daniel Smedberg

Speaker the 8 October 2015: Daniel Smedberg, Skåne Association of Local Authorities

Important dialogues are taking place and actions are taken in new directions in order to bring about better collaboration and integration between social care organisations, primary care units and hospitals. This is crucial to reach and keep up the aims of the agreement that you can read more about here: http://skl.se/tjanster/englishpages/activities/betterlife.1273.html. This work is a process that requires constant facilitation and education, both among leaders and care staff.

Name: Daniel Smedberg
Job location: Skåne Association of Local Authorities
Title: Improvement leader. Background: Physiotherapist with a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor in social science and humanities (Social Anthropology and Spanish).


Tore J Larsson

Speaker the 9 October 2015: Tore J Larsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Professor Tore J Larsson  is dedicated to creating housing adapted for everyone, regardless of age or disability, and a health and social care designed based on the patient.

Centre for Health & Building, Royal Institute of Technology which Tore J  Larsson is Director of has two full-sized laboratories with furnished, fully habitable apartments with attached control room where the research is being carried out in technical solutions that will make it easier for older and disabled people to have an independent life and remain living at home.

– When compared to the cost of  a room on a nursing-home, you can receive eight home care visits per day before it gets more expensive. It has already proven itself in the Western world and there will not be built any more nursing-homes. It will essentially be about primary health care and care for the elderly at home and then you have to have high availability and administer research and development, says Tore.

Name: Tore J Larsson
Age: 66 years
Job location: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Title: Professor of Safety Management and Occupational Injury Prevention at the School of Technology & Health, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Director of the Centre for Health & Building (CHB), Royal Institute of Technology
Interests: Food , wine and music
About medical technology : The most important medical technology is the communication technology that gives patients what they need.


Magnus Sandberg

Speaker the 9 October 2015: Magnus Sandberg, Lund University, Lund

The proportion of frail older people with comprehensive and complex care needs is steadily growing, and the challenges facing today’s health care system are often discussed in the media. Over the past decades, various interventions have been developed to meet the healthcare needs of the frail elderly and their families. For a number of years, Sandberg and coworkers have been conducting research focused on case management for frail older people, an intervention that has been suggested to combine assessment, planning implementation, evaluation, care coordination, and meeting individual needs

Name: Magnus Sandberg
Job location: Faculty of Medicine Lund University
Title: Postdoc, PhD, Registered nurse, PhD in Medical Science