Second key note speaker presented

Lucien Engelen, second key note speaker for the event in Vlissingen!

Thursday morning April 20th 2017 key note speaker will be Lucien Engelen on the theme technology, followed by a design workshop.

It is at the intersection of technology and patient empowerment, which is where Lucien Engelen (1962), director of the Radboud University REshape Center feels most at home.

His personal mission is to change healthcare through the use of technology (as a tool) into an environment with a strong(er) patients perspective. Also addressing the ethical question “what if we can do ‘everything’, given the increasing possibilities of exponential technology”. What will the future look like, and what do we have to do today to cope with that. Imagineering is a contraction of imagination’ (imagination) and ‘engineering’ (technique). It is a form of communication in which the perception imagineer seeks to strengthen the connection. Between organization and audience through experience, not only through text in a rational way, but also through other senses.

“We have entered an era of exponential growing technology that in some parts seems almost abundant. It is great to see the possible change that can come out of that, creating the opportunity to create a sustainable health(care whilst never forgetting the impact the human touch can make”.