European project for the development of care for the elderly and prepare for future needs

The demographic development in Europe will require an even more effective home care, where the elderly feel safe. Therefore the project SAFE is interested in increasing the participation of citizens to create a more functional homecare by 2020.

The final results of the project SAFE will be documented and used as a platform for strategic decisions about the European home care services by 2020, both for long term and short term purposes. The project will offer new working methods and serve as an inspiration for new applications and initiatives. Through SAFE, long term partnerships with important connections and new networks will be created throughout Europe. Furthermore, the project will show how dialogue with citizens can be carried out and what effects they may have.

SAFE promotes active involvement of elderly people in designing the future of home care services. It will enhance the quality of life of elderly people by seeking solutions to lifelong living at home. It encourages innovative collaboration between services.

The participants in the project are:

Helsingborg, Sweden
Foligno, Italy
Tampere, Finland
WVO Zeeland, Netherlands

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