Key note speaker for the event in Vlissingen!

Wednesday evening April 19th 2017 the delegations from Helsingborg, Foligno, Tampere and Vlissingen at the SafeAge conference are invited for an informal walking dinner. Key note speaker this evening will be Ap Dijksterhuis on the theme of ‘happiness’.

Ap Dijksterhuis is professor, entrepreneur, speaker and writer, and head of the Department of Social Psychology of the University of Nijmegen. As a researcher, he focuses on unconscious intuitive processes that play a role in decision making and creativity.  Dijksterhuis won a handful of scientific prizes (including the very prestigious Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association), and is editor of the Authoritative Science.  As a writer and popular speaker, he tries to inspire people.

In his latest book ‘On our way to happiness’ he shows that we control a great deal of our own happiness. Even for 50 percent, contemporary science tells us. In our journey of understanding happiness, Ap Dijksterhuis connects the modern psychology and neuroscience with the classical western philosophy and eastern philosophy.

Together with WVO Zorg he is doing research on interventions, that our employees can use to improve the happiness of our clients in a way that it lowers the care burden.