Henk Rosendal: key note speaker April 21st

Key note speaker on Friday April 21st is Henk Rosendal. The theme will be ‘The future employee’. The welfare state is making way for the participatory society. The role of technology is increasing. Much is therefore set to change for home care and elderly care. Elderly people will continue to live at home for longer and will need to do more themselves, together with their environment. The policy enabling elderly people to remain living at home for longer was launched in recent years. Future employees have to develop a new way of working, provided they are invited to do so and are facilitated therein. How to support them in the suppression of the well-intentioned repair reflex.

Henk Rosendal is professor Neighbourhood Care at Health Innovation Research Centre of Rotterdam University. “The future of healthcare lies in the district. There live the chronically ill and the elderly, there are opportunities for early detection and intervention”. Henk Rosendal works at the moment among others on the project ‘home in the neighborhood’, which offer small neighborhood-based teams of nurses, district nurses and GPs integrated care.