Project overview

The Elderly and Disabled Care Department in Helsingborg, Sweden, owns the project “SAFE”, Sustainable Ageing in Future Europe. The project starts September 1, 2015 and ends 30 June 2017. Partners are Tampere in Finland, Foligno in Italy and WVO (a care organization) in the Netherlands.

The goal of the project is to cooperate with three other countries and develop tomorrow’s home care and create a better and more functional home care in 2020. The project is based partly on Europe’s big challenge of an increasingly aging population.

The project SAFE organizes four conferences on the following themes:

  • a preventive approach by creating the opportunity to continue living in ordinary housing
  • healthy aging
  • customer guidance
  • welfare and technology

All partners will host one respective conference and the first is held in Helsingborg in October 2015. About seventy people will participate in the conferences, where citizen participation is essential in the project.

Expected results
The expected results of SAFE is that the parties, together with its citizens reflect on Europe’s challenges, share best practices, new ideas and new knowledge, while they will build networks between cities. The experience of the project and what is happening at the conferences will be disseminated and documented in a report that will later lead to new project ideas being created.